Live PD – 10.25.19

LivePD - 10.25.19

Live PD – 10.25.19

Season 4, Episode 12
Aired on: October 25, 2019 | Duration: 2h 9m 0s
Dan Abrams, Sean Larkin, and Tom Morris Jr. in the studio. In this episode, Salinas and Lafayette left the show, Jefferson County and Nye County were added.

Live PD Highlights

  • East Providence – The night starts out with officers searching for someone that has a stalking warrant. Suspect was taken into custody.
  • Tulsa – Officers are staking out a stolen vehicle at a motel. Binoculars out…but then suspects at gunpoint and in cuffs.
  • Jefferson County – Deputies take suspects into custody for another stolen car.
  • Richland County – Danny Brown arrests a grandma for smoking marijuana and driving her granddaughter.
  • Tallahassee – Officers search for a…stolen vehicle.
  • Richland County – Officers make a drug bust at a Waffle House.

Departments & Officers

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4 years ago

Where can I purchase the face masks with neck protection that the Pomona Major Crimes Squad was wearing on a recent episode?