Live PD – Phone Call to His Lawyer

Trooper Mystal Perkins with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol answers a call about a car in a ditch, and finds the uninjured, and possibly drunk, driver on the phone with...

Live PD – In a Lot of Trouble

A driver admits to being a bit buzzed after Deputy Danny Tabor with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office pulls him over for being stopped in the middle of the...

Live PD – Let Me Speak to Your Supervisor

Deputies with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office pull over a man who was driving on a suspended license, and are confused as to why he vehemently refuses to let...

Live PD – Gonna Need a Bigger Car

Senior Deputy Daniel Mulcahy with the Richland County Sheriff's Department pulls over a vehicle, locates drugs, and arrests both passengers. While the female gets taken to jail, the male...

Live PD – I Always Forget That’s There

Deputy Ivan Iniguez with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office investigates a stopped vehicle and finds a driver and two passengers with weed, one of them with a gun that...

Live PD – Don’t Forget Your Blinker

When a driver fails to use his turn signal, Officer Clint McCall with the Slidell Police Department begins to make a routine traffic stop until the driver indicates that...

Live PD – Get Off My Wall

Pasco County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a call in which two men looking for their drone were shot at by a nearby, irate homeowner in this video from...

Live PD – Your One Phone Call Comes Later

Deputy Chris Mastrianni and other deputies with the Richland County Sheriffs Department pull over a speeding car leaving a known drug location and forcibly remove the passenger when he...

Live PD – Family Smackdown

Officers with the Salinas Police Department respond to a family fight involving several people that began over a couple's quarrel in this video from Live PD - 11.16.18.

Live PD – Not the Marrying Kind

A man calls the Jeffersonville Police Department for help to make sure his ex-girlfriend leaves his home in this clip from Live PD - 10.07.17.

Latest Episodes

Dan Abrams says “The Answer is Yes”

Last week we posed the question: could Live PD come back in 2021? A few days later Live PD host Dan Abrams took to...

Live PD in 2021?

Live PD kicked off 2020 on January 3rd with Season 4 resuming after the holidays. But it was hard to imagine during the first...

Live PD – Desert Pursuit and Pit Maneuver

Trooper Kade Loveland with the Utah Highway Patrol pursues a car fleeing a traffic stop as it peels off into the desert in this...

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