On Patrol Live: Mommy Issues

Deputy Kenny Fitzsimmons with the Richland County Sheriff's Department stops a moped and finds drugs and a lot of mother/son drama.

Crime of the Night | 05.19.23

The Crime of the Night for 05.19.23 is a traffic stop out of Carroll, Iowa, that almost cost an officer his life. Luckily the officer involved made a full...

Crime of the Night | 05.13.23

The Crime of the Night for 05.13.23 is a dangerous pursuit out of Collier County, Florida.

Crime of the Night | 05.12.23

The Crime of the Night for 05.12.23 features a group of teens in a stolen Kia. They slam the car into a school bus in Milwaukee, WI and then...

Armed and Dangerous Felon Arrested After High-Speed Chase

Forsyth County Deputies in Georgia arrested "armed and dangerous" felon David Hamilton after he led them on a 120 mph chase. During the chase, Hamilton and his passenger eventually...

Earlier in Volusia County

In Volusia County, Deputy Royce James pursues a suspect. Later in Richland County, Deputy Kenny Fitzsimmons stops a distracted driver.

Crime of the Night | 05.05.23

The Crime of the Night for 05.05.23 is a wild high-speed pursuit that takes place in Brevard County, Florida, with State Troopers and suspected drug traffickers.

On Patrol: First Shift | Maher Brothers

Chris Maher and Richie Maher from the Daytona Beach Police Department join On Patrol: First Shift on 04.28.23 to talk about their experiences in law enforcement together.

Crime of the Night | 04.29.23

The Crime of the Night for 04.29.23 is a wild chase in Hazen, AR. Officers stop a car, but the driver makes a run for it. The chase hits...

Crime of the Night | 04.28.23

The Crime of the Night for 04.28.23 features a Lawrenceville Police Department trainee being hit head-on by a fleeing suspect.

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On Patrol: Live – Memorial Day Break

On Patrol: Live will not air a live episode on May 26th and May 27th. The show is taking a break for the Memorial...

On Patrol Live: Don’t Run from Garo Brown

Sergeant Garo Brown with the Richland County Sheriff's Department pulls over a scooter. But the driver decides he doesn't want to stick around.

Arkansas State Police PIT Moving Truck

Troopers with the Arkansas State Police PIT a Penske moving truck, bringing an end to lengthy high-speed pursuit.
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