Top 40 Live PD Moments of 2019 – Part 1


Tom Morris Jr. hosts a countdown of the Top 40 Live PD Moments in 2019.

40. SalinasOfficer Mike Muscutt pursues a stolen car. Officer Cameron Mitchell attempts to pit the car and crashes into the median.

39. Warwick – In May, a driver crashes his car into parked boats. The car is completely destroyed. Firefighters have to cut the roof off.

38. LawrenceOfficer Charlie Kingery gets into a foot chase with a suspect. Officer Bishop catches up to provide support. The suspect was holding a stolen gun.

37. Greene – Officer AJ McCall is on a traffic stop when a wanted car speeds past him.

36. Oklahoma – Trooper Micah Freeman stops a motorized bicycle, which tries to flee.

35. Williamson – Mark Luera helps a lost wrong-way driver.

34. Salinas – Cameron Mitchel responds to a bad accident caused by street racing.

33. Greene – Deputy Kyle Winchell finds a stolen vehicle. During the pursuit, he uses a StarChase to track the car and catch the thieves.

32. Lawrence – Stuart Bishop responds to a family fistfight.

31. Warwick – An intoxicated woman in a basement screams for her bottle and officers drag her away.

30. Oklahoma – Trooper Callicoat chases bikers.

29. Franklin – A window tint violation leads to a search of the car, but all they find are Girl Scout cookies.

28. East Providence – Officers detain a suspect that refused to stop. The driver is in possession of a lot of drugs.

27. Greene – Officers pursue a fleeing truck that wrecks out multiple times.

26. Lawrence – A disturbance between two roommates over a cat.

25. Oklahoma – Trooper Ryan Smith pursues a reckless truck and makes an arrest for DUI.

24. Williamson – An extremely intoxicated driver is pulled over on her birthday.

23. Salinas – Officer Muscutt responds to an auto accident involving a semi vs. motorcycle.

22. Lawrence – Officer Adam Hazelwood pursues a fleeing car for miles until the driver crashes.

21. Greene – The driver of a mustang takes off during a traffic stop and drags a deputy, he’s later arrested.

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