Live PD – 04.18.20


Live PD – 04.18.20

Season 4, Episode 57
Aired on: Saturda7, April 18th, 2020 | Duration: 2h 0m 00s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are live from there homes. This is considered a special episode due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The show is only 2 hours and only 6 departments are featured. Dan also said the show is on a much longer delay than normal.

Departments & Officers


  • Richland – Sergeant Furgal responds to a domestic dispute with a grown son and father.
  • Pomona – Officer Erfan responds as backup to a man with a knife. Omahony and Cavanaugh arrive on the scene first. Officers take the suspect to the ground.
  • Jefferson County – Corporal Deanna Marshall performs a traffic stop and questions the driver.
  • Williamson – Lt. Kennedy talks to a man selling good karma for 50 cents.
  • Berkeley – Deputy Carr responds to a report of a kidnapping. After pulling over the car it appears to be an argument with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • Richland – Furgal talks to some people in a gas station parking lot.
  • Clay – Detective Stivers talks to a man walking down the road.
  • Pomona – Officer Erfan investigates a car crash.
  • Richland – Furgal responds to a woman being kicked out of her apartment by her boyfriend.
  • Berkeley – Deputy Longieliere pursues a car until the driver bails on foot.
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4 years ago

Why no mask or gloves for the officers
In sc, I saw police talking to a couple
Sitting while officers stood over them speaking
Without masks

3 years ago

Seat belt useage. In at least two episodes I have seen officers driving down the road talking to the cameraman. Then suddenly shift into pursuit mode. Why is it at that point that the officers put their seatbelt on? Aren’t police officers also required to wear seat belts, at all times?