Missing: Dead or Alive | Episode 1

Air Date: May 10, 2023 When police search the home of Lorraine Garcia, who has gone missing, they find alarming details that prompt them to question her son, a veteran...

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Triple Play III | 11.25.23

In this weekend’s (11.25.23) final Triple Play, a shoplifting suspect in Farmington Hills, Michigan blows through red lights and crashes into other vehicles during...

Triple Play II | 11.24.23

In this weekend's (11.24.23) second Triple Play, police go on a high-speed chase after a "sexy gladiator" through Indian River County, Florida.

Triple Play I | 11.24.23

In this weekend's (11.24.23) first Triple Play, Wisconsin police chase suspects onto a golf course. You’ll have to watch to discover why we call...
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