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Why Can’t I Watch Live PD?

Live PD was cancelled in June of 2020. A&E Networks immedietly removed all reruns and on-demand episodes from cable and their website. Currently, there is no official episodes of Live PD available to watch.

Why was Live PD cancelled?

In June of 2020, Live PD producers and A&E networks made the decision that there was no way for the show to continue in its current form as protesters and politicians were calling for police reform following the death of George Floyd while restrained by a cop during an arrest.

What can we do to bring back Live PD?

The best way you can contribute to bringing back Live PD is to sign our petition and show your support for the show.

How can I stream Live PD or watch on Roku?

• Hulu: With Live TV depending on regional availability.
• Sling TV: A&E is included in both the Blue and Orange packages.
• DirecTV Now: A&E is in the “Live a Little” and higher packages.
• FuboTV: A&E is included in the “Fubo Premier” channel package.
• Philo: A&E is included in the “58 Channel” package.

Why do I see so many old episodes on TV?

As the name implies, Live PD is a “live” show. During the season there are usually 2 new episodes per week. There are typically 3 “breaks” per year that last several weeks. A&E usually airs previous season episodes during the week.

Why are some people’s faces blurred and some are not?

Individuals that appear in the pre-taped segments (Earlier) must provide written consent to shown on the show. Individuals that appear on live segments do not have to provide written consent. The live segments are considered live news, and consent is not required.

How can I request that Live PD come to my town?

Your best bet is to contact your law enforcement department, and suggest they reach out to Big Fish Entertainment.

How can law enforcement agencies request to participate in Live PD?

If your department is interested in participating, send an email to LPDLAW at bigfishusa dot com.

How can I subscribe to email updates about the show?

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