Live PD – 10.26.19

LivePD - 10.26.19

Live PD – 10.26.19

Season 4, Episode 13
Aired on: October 26, 2019 | Duration: 2h 9m 0s
Dan Abrams, Sean Larkin, and Tom Morris Jr. in the studio.


  • Nye County – Deputies in Nye are pursuing an ATV.
  • Lawrence – Officer Bishop takes a suspect into custody.
  • Tulsa – Officers take a drunk guy from Florida into custody. He briefly tries to run.
  • Nye – Yet another ATV is chased around town.
  • Jefferson County – A traffic stop gets heated, drugs and a gun are found. Suspect in custody.
  • Lawrence – Shaq is stopped and questioned.
  • Nye – Sergeant Fowles deals with a traffic accident involving a Russian tourist. Bad news he gets a fine, good news he had damage coverage on his rental.
  • Missoula – Captain Burt investigates suspicious activity in a cemetery.
  • Lawrence – A pig on the loose is captured. No charges.
  • Jefferson County – Corporal Sunday stops a motorcycle with a handgun. But the biker was released.
  • Tulsa Officer Ross performs a field sobriety test on a very sober suspect. This should be the instructional video for how to do the field sobriety test.

Departments and Officers

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