On Patrol: Live – How to Watch


The recent announcement that Live PD will be returning in July 2022 was very exciting for the Live PD Nation. The new show is supposed to air in the same time slot, 9 PM – 12 AM EST on Friday and Saturday. One of the major changes with the new show is that it will air on the REELZ network. The good news for Live PD fans is there are a lot of ways to watch Reelz.

How to Watch REELZ

REELZ is available on most of the major cable systems in the US, and from a number of streaming services.

Satellite & Cable

  • Dish Network – Channel 299
  • DirecTV – Channel 238
  • Xfinity – Channel 1429


The following premium streaming services provide access to REELZ.

Free Streaming

Many free streaming services provide REELZ content with minimal ad interruptions.

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Norma j Foster
Norma j Foster
17 days ago

The new name is lame. Why not keep the original name? Some sort of licensing issue I assume. How about just Patrol: Live, drop the “On”

Chris K
Chris K
17 days ago

Awesome!! Can’t wait!

11 days ago

I couldn’t be more thrilled! I’ve been waiting for this show to return for two yrs with no success. Then today I saw the announcement that the show will be returning this July 2022 and I literally let out a whoop! I spent the last several wks in the hospital and got discharged today. There couldn’t be a better welcome home present than to hear that Live PD, or whichever name u settle upon , will be returning to the air. I shouted to my husband that this is better than a ride a long with my grandson who is… Read more »

Francine bez
Francine bez
5 days ago

How do I watch live I have Hulu live and roku