Live PD – 11.16.19


Live PD – 11.16.19

Season 4, Episode 19
Aired on: November 16, 2019 | Duration: 2h 0m 38s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Officer Darrell Ross are in the studio.

Live PD 11.16.19 Richland

11.16.19 Highlights

Live PD 11.16.19 Jefferson
  • Richland – Deputy Cambell is backing up Danny Brown and they have to put a suspect on the ground for resisting. Lt. Brown may have broken his finger during the scuffle.
  • Jefferson Corporal Sunday detains a suspect with marijuana in his pants.
  • Nye – A Greenbay Packers fan on a quad bike is stopped.
  • Terre Haute – Officer Pupilli investigates a bonfire in a yard.
  • Mission – A lost $7k bulldog is found.
  • East Providence – Officers pulled over a DUI driver who is ready for jail.
  • Bradford – A domestic call ends up with a very drunk male going to jail.
  • Terre Haute – A gun is dropped, drugs and a scale is found.
  • Berkeley – While officers are searching the passengers of a car, one of them tries to run and is subdued.
  • Tallahassee – Officer Hill helps a very drunk young lady and her friend get home.
  • East ProvidenceInspector Sroka responds to a robbery in progress, which turns out to not be a robbery.
  • Live PD 11.16.19 Richland
  • Live PD 11.16.19 Nye
  • Live PD 11.16.19 Jefferson

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kenneth nolan sr
kenneth nolan sr
4 years ago

why do u keep showing and u repeat them way to much like that one car flipping across the HWY there is way to many repeats and old show I keep seeing u watch ur show just about every night and u all keep saying a new epoiides such a night and it has allready play so many times u need to get some new shows going an stop so many repeats.