Live PD – Best of 2019


This video from Season 3 and Season 4, features some of the top clips from 2019. Officers from the East Providence Police Department, Greene County Sheriff’s Office, Salinas Police Department, Lafayette Police Department, and the Warwick Police Department are featured. Kyle Graves down a sewer drain is one of the favorites.

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Gary Wise
Gary Wise
10 months ago

I am very disappointed that Live PD would have dodged reporting the destruction, looting, killing of police officers, the degrading of whites forced to apologize for the being white, beating of whites in the street and other violent acts done be ANTIFA terrorist and militant blacks live on your program. You had the great opportunity to counter the fake news media lack of reporting of these acts. They refuse to report the truth and Americans is paying the price for it. The autopsy revealed this: “The initial autopsy by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner suggested that Floyd’s existing health conditions,… Read more »