Live PD – Fleeing in West Baton Rouge

Clip from Live PD - 05.22.20 featuring Lieutenant Brett Cavaliere and Agent Allen Connelly with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department.

Live PD – Played Too Much GTA

In this video from Live PD Season 4, Officer Aaron Tate and Officer Charlie Kingery with the Lawrence Police Department respond to a report of a man...

Live PD – Sentimental Guitar

In this clip from Live PD - 12.07.19, Officers with the Tulsa Police department recover music equipment that was stolen from a man's garage, including a sentimental...

Live PD – Nice Guy to the Rescue

In this video from Live PD - 02.21.20, Aaron Tate with the Lawrence Police Department responds to a disabled vehicle call. But he finds that a homeless...

Live PD – This is Why I Stay Single

In this video from Live PD - 04.17.20, Sergeant Furgal with the Richland County Sheriff's Department reports to a domestic dispute where the female half is trying...

Live PD – Two out of Three

In this clip from Live PD - 04.17.20, Deputies Carr and Deputy Austin Longieliere from the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office join a car chase that ends up...

Live PD – Hiding Under the House

In this clip from Live PD - 04.24.20, Deputies from the Clay County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous tip about where to find a possible suspect with...

Live PD – Top 6 Worst Liars

These are the Top 6 Worst Liars on Live PD. This list includes a man who lied about his identity, and one man who insisted he wasn't...

Live PD – Top Texas Moments

The Top Moments from Texas contains the best clips from Williamson County, El Paso, Mission, and other departments in Texas.

Live PD – Honesty is the Best Policy

In this video from Live PD - 04.18.20, Corporal Deanna Marshall stops a car in Jefferson County. The car has expired tags and she finds illicit drugs...

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Live PD – 5th DUI

Deputy Michael Connelly with the Nye County Sheriff's Office stops a car for missing a stop sign and swerving on the road....

Dan Hints at a Live PD Return

Dan Abrams provided another hint on Monday (10/13/2020) that Live PD may be returning to TV. Dan shared a story on Twitter...

Live PD – Desperate Times Dangerous Measures

Officer Charlie Kingery with the Lawrence Police Department almost arrests a woman for holding a butcher knife in a grocery store, he...

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