Ashleigh Banfield

Ashleigh Banfield is a Canadian-American journalist who hosts the show “Banfield” on the NewsNation network. She is a veteran journalist with a strong background in legal analysis and crime coverage. Banfield is currently a prominent anchor on the NewsNation network. She is a well-respected figure in journalism, mainly known for her expertise in legal and crime reporting.

Past Roles:

  • Hosted legal analysis programs on CNN (Legal View with Ashleigh Banfield) and HLN (Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield).
  • Served as co-anchor of the CNN morning news show Early Start.
  • Worked for various other networks including NBC, MSNBC, ABC News, CourtTV.
  • Covered breaking news from around the world, including the September 11th terrorist attacks and the War on Terror.

Ashleigh Banfield has hosted On Patrol: Live several times. She first appeared as a Guest Host during Season 1 on episode 03.31.23. Usually, she fills in when Dan Abrahams is on vacation.