Matt Iseman

Matt Iseman is best known as a television host, comedian, and actor. Originally from Denver, Colorado. Iseman initially pursued a career in medicine, earning his M.D. from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, but he later shifted to a career in entertainment.

Iseman is perhaps most famous for his role as the host of the popular sports entertainment competition show “American Ninja Warrior” on NBC. His dynamic and enthusiastic hosting style has been a significant part of the show’s appeal. He’s also known for his work on the History Channel’s “American Ninja Warrior Junior” and for his appearances as a contestant and co-host on various other television shows.

Apart from his hosting duties, Iseman made a notable appearance in the reality TV show “The New Celebrity Apprentice” in 2017, where he emerged as the winner. His victory in this competition highlighted his versatility and ability to engage audiences beyond his usual roles.

Matt Iseman filled in for Dan Abrams as Guest Host during the 11.24.23 and 11.25.23 On Patrol: Live episodes.