Live PD – 11.15.19


Live PD – 11.15.19

Season 4, Episode 18
Aired on: November 15, 2019 | Duration: 2h 0m 38s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Officer Darrell Ross are in the studio. This episode Live PD switches to having 12 departments per episode. Mission Police Department, Terre Haute Police Department, Bradford County Sheriff’s Office, and Berkley County Sheriff’s Office joins Season 4. This episode features at least 5 high-speed car chases.


  • Richland – A man is attacked by a crack head, deputies search for the suspect.
  • Jefferson Deanna Marshall is pursuing a potentially stolen Tahoe SUV.
  • Jefferson – A wild chase from earlier in the week is shown. A suspect leads Corporal Sunday on a fast pursuit and is ultimately captured in his own attic.
  • East Providence – A shoplifter face plants when running from officers.
  • Bradford – Deputies deal with an angry father and a daughter trying to move. One interesting observation, the father is watching Live PD while he’s on Live PD.
  • Missoula Captain Burt snatches up a suspect that is about to run. The suspect was already being searched for regarding an earlier car theft.
  • Lawrence – A chase ends in the suspect’s driveway after officers bounce him off his car when refuses to follow commands.
  • Lawrence – Another driver leads officers on a chase which eventually ends in him being tasered.
  • Berkeley – Corporal Tyler Clark chases a fleeing suspect in a long car chase until the tires come off the rims.

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Dave Douglass
Dave Douglass
4 years ago

I watched portions of a search on the 2-1 episode that needed multiple K-9’s to get the suspect. Was it a 3 dog night? 🙂