Live PD – 04.10.20


Live PD – 04.10.20

Season 4, Episode 54
Aired on: Friday, April 10th, 2020 | Duration: 1h 0m 00s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are live from there homes. This is considered a special episode due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The show is only 1 hour, and only 6 departments are featured. Sheriff Chody from Williamson County Sheriff’s provided an update on new intake procedures at the jail to prevent COVID19 cases from entering the jail.

Departments & Officers


  • Pomona – Officer Nguyen and Wilson respond to a call for assistance at a domestic disturbance. A daughter is fighting with the mom and brother about leaving home.
  • Richland – Corporal Laureano talks to a store owner about keeping social distancing.
  • Richland Deputy Mulcahy assists in the pursuit of a fleeing suspect. The driver ends up crashing.
  • Clay County – Deputy Fortin responds to a neighbor disturbance about people leaving. A number of drunk people are arrested.
  • Richland – Lt. Danny Brown searches a car for drugs at a motel.
  • Berkeley – Corporal Green assists in the capture of a suspect that crashed into a fire hydrant.
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hello im a fan