Live PD – 10.19.19

LivePD - 10.19.19

Live PD – 10.19.19

Season 4, Episode 11
Aired on: Oct 19, 2019 | Duration: 2h 9m 0s
Dan Abrahams, Sean Larkin, and Tom Morris Jr. in the studio. This was the last episode featuring the Salinas Police Department.


  • East Providence – The episode kicks off with Officer Sroka responding to an argument about parking.
  • Tulsa – Officers find a gentleman at a car wash…not washing his car.
  • Missoula – Deputies have a run-in with a big black bear, and everyone is running for cover.
  • Tallahassee – Officer Justin Hill tries to offer a young man advice to get on the right track, apparently because he’s hanging around with the Joker.

Lawrence Police DepartmentOfficer Jason Heiney
Captain Adam Hazelwood
Lafayette Police DepartmentOfficer Joshua Myers
Corporal Michael Milazzo
Richland County Sheriff’s DepartmentSenior Deputy Garo Brown
Senior Deputy Daniel Mulcahy
Missoula Country Sheriff’s OfficeCaptain Bill Burt
Sergent Ryan Prather
Tulsa Police DepartmentOfficer Grace Hobbs
Officer Heath Brownell
Tallahassee Police DepartmentOfficer Brian Smith
Officer Justin Hill
East Providence Police DepartmentInspector Craig Sroka
Officer Jay Rainville
Salinas Police DepartmentOfficer Evan Adams
Officer Mike Muscutt
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