Live PD – 10.18.19

LivePD - 10.18.19

Live PD – 10.18.19

Season 4, Episode 10
Aired on: Oct 18, 2019 | Duration: 2h 9m 0s


  • Lafayette– A couple fight over a refrigerator. Officers end up moving the fridge.
  • Tallahassee – A woman hides crack in her crack…no charges.
  • Lawrence – Officers repond to a domestic dispute that ended with an officer being injured.
  • Salinas – Officer Muscutt observes a vehicle from a carjacking, there’s a short pursuit, a car accident, and a bad guy gets tasered.
  • Richland – Lt. Danny Brown makes another drug bust at a gas station.
Lawrence Police DepartmentOfficer Jason Helney
Officer Jon Clark
Lafayette Police DepartmentOfficer Joshua Meyers
Officer Jordan Colla
Richland County Sheriff’s DepartmentLt. Danny Brown
Deputy Jacob Murphy
Missoula Country Sheriff’s OfficeCaptain Bill Burt
Corporal Troy Rexin
Tulsa Police DepartmentOfficer Grace Hobbs
Officer Mitch Helberg
Tallahassee Police DepartmentOfficer Brian Smith
Officer Justin Hill
East Providence Police DepartmentOfficer Jacob Mount
Officer Andrew Dubois
Salinas Police DepartmentOfficer Daniel Martinez
Officer Mike Muscutt
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Robin and Russ Schmiedeberg
Robin and Russ Schmiedeberg
4 years ago

Why is Corporal Deanna Marshall so rough and mean, she chops heads off before she knows what they are pulled over for, of course a foot pursuit or aggressive driving it’s understandable she is more like a Marine drill Sargent.
Just too much time down the big mouth