Live PD – 09.21.19

Live PD 09.21.19

Season 4, Episode 2 aired on September 21th, 2019.


Episode Recap

  • Deputy Brandon Simmons joins Danny Brown chasing down a suspect. S/D Garo Brown is on the scene as well…drugs are found.
  • Greene County Deputies pursue a stolen car, but the suspect leaves his wallet behind.
  • Meanwhile in Tallahassee…a man is pushing a woman in a shopping cart. “Let me tell my kids hey”.
  • In Lawrence, a shooting victim turns out to be self-inflicted.
  • Richland deputies find guns. Danny Brown is not even being followed in this episode, but he shows up a lot.
  • Williamson County was featured tonight even though they did not renew with Live PD. It’s possible this was recorded in August and just now aired.

09.21.19 Officer Lineup

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J. Long
1 year ago

I was upset when I learned that LIVE PD was taken off the air. Would have taught a few people lessons. Best show I ever watched (I’m 75 years old) and watched faithfully.