Live PD – 04.24.20


Live PD – 04.24.20

Season 4, Episode 58
Aired on: Friday, April 24th, 2020 | Duration: 2h 0m 00s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are live from there homes. This is considered a special episode due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The show is only 2 hours and only 6 departments are featured. Dan also said the show is on a much longer delay than normal. The West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office debuts in this episode.

Departments & Officers


  • West Baton Rouge – A car almost hits deputies and they pursue it to talk to the driver.
  • Berkeley – Corporal Green is flagged down by a car that was threatened by someone. Corporal Zubkoff pulls over someone that’s suspicious.
  • Richland – Deputy Campbell stops a dirtbike and the driver has some weed.
  • Clay – Deputies find a suspect hiding under a trailer.
  • Lawrence – Officer Bishop responds to a man passed out in a convenience store.
  • Richland – Deputy Campbell, Corporal Boyles, and Deputy Simmons push a stranded call into a gas station.
  • West Baton Rouge – Lt. Cavaliere provides backup on a traffic stop. They find meth in the car.
  • Williamson – Deputy Duval responds to a possible burglary of a home.
  • Pomona – Officer Wilson stops a car for illegal window tint.
  • Lawrence – Officer Bishop responds to shots fired at an apartment complex. Officers search for the suspect.

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Mike Potts
Mike Potts
4 years ago

With the utmost respect…there’s no such thing as a ‘bullet casing’ there is a ‘bullet jacket’ but that’s not what’s left on the ground after a self loading weapon is fired – that’s called a ‘cartridge case’

Norma Nelson
Norma Nelson
3 years ago

I love this show. Especially when u show James Lewis, from Baton Rouge.He is so hot. I can’t help it. He is so fine. But besides that this is one of the best shows. Keep up the good work. You all be safe and keep ur distance. Thank you.

Karen McKay
Karen McKay
3 years ago

Absolutely disgusted that Live PD was cancelled.
I can only hope that it will come back in the near future.