On Patrol: Live | 02.24.24


Season 2, Episode 254 – On Patrol: Live 02.24.24

Aired on Saturday, February 24th, 2024 | Duration 3h 0m 00s

Dan Abrams and Curtis Wilson are live in the studio this weekend. John Curley is this weekend’s Guest Host.

Programming Notes: This episode is live with nine departments. On Patrol: Live is back live this weekend after taking a break last weekend.

Tonight again starts in Florida with the Daytona Beach Police Department. Sergeant Mike Bryant is responding to a disturbance in a convenience store. In Toledo, officers are back at the same house from Friday searching for the person with the arrest warrant. In Richland County, Rebekah Smith responds to an assault on a teen. In Indian River County, Deputy McKenzie stops a truck and uncovers a few lies. In Berkeley County, deputies are performing a traffic stop. In Indian River County, Deputy McKenzie races to a dangerous crash and entrapment. In Daytona Beach, Mike Bryant investigates car break-ins at an apartment. In Toledo, Officer Smith and Officer Bly respond to a burglary in progress. Elsewhere in Toledo, officers deal with shots fired and take a man into custody. In Hazen, Chief Taylor finds a woman asleep on the side of the interstate. In Fullerton, officers arrest the Big Gulp Guy from Friday night. Back in Daytona Beach, Sergeant Booth investigates a man posing as a security guard. In Lee County, Deputy Weiss investigates a light in the attic.

Departments & Officers

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3 months ago

Please stop putting Ashley banfield in Dan abrams place can’t stand her put the other guy on don’t remember his name. Where is Sean you keep saying he’s back but I haven’t seen him