On Patrol: Live | 04.26.24


Season 2, Episode 269 – On Patrol: Live 04.26.24

Aired on Friday, April 26th, 2024 | Duration 3h 0m 00s

Dan Abrams and Curtis Wilson are live in the studio this weekend. Captain Tom Rizzo is this weekend’s Guest Host.

Programming Notes: This episode is live with eight departments.

Tonight starts in South Carolina with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. Corporal Norton is in pursuit of a moped. In Fontana, Officer Richard responds to a robbery at a post office. In Coweta, Deputy Searels is looking for a drunk hospital patient. In Richland County, there’s a fight at the Bojangles. In Daytona, it’s Jeep Beach this weekend, and Richie Maher is patrolling. In Richland County, there’s a noise complaint in a hotel parking lot. In Lee County, deputies respond to a car accident.

Departments & Officers

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