Chief Bradley Taylor

Chief Bradley Taylor is an officer with the Hazen Police Department in Arkansas. Chief Taylor is famous for his high-powered patrol car, a Dodge Charger Scat Pack. This car can easily reach speeds of 180 MPH. He has been a law enforcement officer since 1997.

Chief Taylor’s son is Trooper Gavin Taylor with the Arkansas State Patrol. The father and son duo have been documented working together in at least one high-speed pursuit. Chief Taylor’s father was an Arkansas State Patrol trooper for 37 years. Both of his brothers are also law enforcement officers.

Chief Taylor first appeared with On Patrol: Live during episode 07.28.23 in Season 2. However, Taylor was previously featured in a Crime of the Night for performing a high-speed PIT maneuver during a chase.

Chief Taylor was a Guest Host in the studio during Season 2 on episodes 11.03.23 and 11.04.23.

“Welcome to Arkansas, we chase the bad guys” – Chief Taylor.