Officer Michael Bryant

Officer Michael Bryant is a Sergeant with the Daytona Beach Police Department in Florida. Bryant joined the Daytona Beach Police in 2011 and was promoted to the rank of sergeant in 2020.

Bryant is a second-generation law enforcement officer. His father was an officer with the Miami Police Department. Michael Sr. had a 25-year career in Miami and spent part of that time working undercover on a narcotics task force.

Sergeant Bryant was first featured with On Patrol Live in November of 2022.

During On Patrol: Live Season 2, Sergeant Bryant was Guest Host on episode 08.11.23. While in the studio, he revealed that he has a bible verse tattoo that’s a dedication to his wife.

In January 2024, Officer Bryant was awarded the Daytona Beach Police Department Medal of Valor.

Sergeant Bryant loves playing with his dog. He loves cooking, grilling, and smoking BBQ.