Live PD – 01.31.20


Live PD – 01.31.20

Season 4, Episode 36
Aired on: Friday, January 31st, 2020 | Duration: 2h 0m 38s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Sean “Sticks” Larsons are in the studio.

Live PD – 01.31.20 Departments & Officers


  • Pomona – Officer Rodriguez responds to a woman being threatened by another woman with a knife. The woman is a little Floydian.
  • Tulsa – Officer Hyman stops a car at gunpoint. They end up finding a large amount of meth.
  • Bradford – Deputy Flynn responds to a truck driving through someone’s yard. Somehow a Well is involved.
  • Pomona – Omahony, and Cavanaugh stop a car for failure to yield. The driver and passenger bail on foot, they’re quickly caught. A gun is thrown, a pool is searched.
  • Tallahassee – Officer Smith responds to a man with a knife. They end up investigating a possible shooting and track, shooting victim.
  • Tulsa – Officer Wes Perkins pursues a suspect with the help of aerial support.
  • Lawrence – Captain Cantrell responds to a truck in the road.
  • Berkeley – Corporal Green talks to a man who is being harassed by a former girlfriend.
  • Terre Haute – Officer Jones asks some gentlemen to put out their fire.
  • Nye – Deputy Gentry attempts to stop a car with possible tourists.
  • Lawrence – Officer Tate investigates a smoking car.
  • Nye – Deputy McRae stops a car with under-mount lighting that is illegal. Just as he wraps up the stop a traffic accident occurs in front of him.
  • Berkeley – Corporal Green and other deputies pursue a stolen car that refuses to stop. Deputies end up chasing the suspects on foot in a wooded area. K9 Agis gets separated but is eventually found.


  1. I love live pd and watch every week, however on tonight’s episode 1-31-20 I worry about the 911 caller (about the shooting at the apartment in Tallahasse) and possible retaliation against her. The officers said her apartment number and I saw her as well. As a former police wife, someone who has called 911, and always wants to help, I can’t stay quiet about this and the thought of the shooter returning when seeing this and doing something to her. Just wish there was a bit more privacy for the helpers! Thanks, and be safe everyone!

  2. Why wasn’t any comment made about the camera man being bit?
    I understand your show is keeping a good lite on the police.
    But to disregard acts that aren’t to your liking shows a lack of integrity.



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