Live PD – 01.24.20


Live PD – 01.24.20

Season 4, Episode 34
Aired on: Friday, January 24th, 2020 | Duration: 2h 0m 38s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are in the studio. Inspector Craig Sroka from the East Providence Police Department is in the studio.

01.24.20 Departments & Officers


  • Berkeley Corporal Whetstone responds to a bar fight. A man ends up handcuffed and shackled with a spit mask.
  • Lawrence – Officers pursue some young men that were throwing rocks.
  • Tulsa – Officers are investigating an incident at a house when a man runs up on officers.
  • Berkeley – Officer McSwain assists in tracking a suspect that fled after a stop.
  • Berkeley – A fleeing suspect crashes a car and then tries to run, he gets tased trying to run through a fence. See the video below.
  • Bradford – Deputies serve a domestic battery warrant.
  • Missoula – Corporal Rexin responds to a suspected DUI rollover.
  • Richland – Danny Brown performs a traffic stop and searches for drugs.
  • Berkeley – Corporal Whetstone stops a car searches the passengers. They end up with a ticket for an open container.
  • Tallahassee – Officer Smith talks to a gentlemen that has had a few drinks and can’t find his ID.
  • Bradford – Deputy Kroll feeds a puppy that’s owner is going to jail.
  • Pomona – Officers Omahoney and Cavanaugh stop a car that runs a light. They end up finding a broken down AR15 in possesion of a felon.
  • Richland – Danny Brown is at the Obama gas station addressing some loitering issues.
  • Tallahassee – Officers respond to a man who refuses to leave a movie theater.
  • Tallahassee – Officer Hill pursues a suspect on foot and catches him a taser point.
  • Tulsa – Officers perform a felony traffic stop.
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