On Patrol: Live | 09.02.22


Season 1, Episode 13

Aired on Friday, September 2nd, 2022 | Duration 3h 0m 00s

Dan Abrams, Curtis Wilson, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are live in the studio. Tonight kicks off in Marion County with Deputy Doug Watts searching for a wanted felony suspect.

There was speculation that OPL would not be on after the A&E lawsuit, but the show does not appear to be impacted. Dan Abrams tweeted out a reference to the lawsuit.

Tonight’s #OPLive lineup! To be clear our show is called “On Patrol Live” NOT to be confused with ⁦
@pawpatrol which is a children’s program that follows a team of animal heroes one of whom is a cop named Chase. We are not affiliated with that show. #OPNation!

Departments & Officers

  • Bernalillo – Deputy Tuell stops a suspect to question him and the situation quickly escalated to a taser deployment.
  • Richland – Corporal Fitzsimmons stops a car that’s driving erratically. He’s almost hit by a car when returning to his cruiser.
  • Berkeley – Sgt. Zubkoff investigates a possible DUI. Admitted 6 Modellos have been consumed.
  • Crime of the Week – Glendale Police officers pursue a stolen Volkswagon.
  • Volusia – Deputy Royce responds to a trespassing brother-in-law. He didn’t go to jail, but he really asked for it.
  • Nye – Cpl. Fowles stops a 14-year-old on a motorcycle.
  • Berkeley – Cpl. Lowe stops a car with tail lights out. He also advises the child needs to be in a safety seat.
  • Richland – Corporal Fitzsimmons responds to a domestic call. It turns out to be a fight between two brothers.
  • Paterson – Officers once again respond to “shots fired”. But as usual its just a loud noise, not gunshots.


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