Deputy Barry Lowe

Deputy Barry Lowe is a corporal with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina. Corporal Lowe is a native of Summerville, South Carolina.

Lowe began his law enforcement career in 2010 when he joined the Summerville Police Department Cadet program. He participated as a police explorer from 2010 until 2017. There he developed the skills he possesses today that greatly benefit his law enforcement career. Corporal Lowe graduated from Ashley Ridge High School in 2013. In 2017, Lowe was hired by the Summerville Police Department. In 2020, Lowe joined the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office. Corporal Lowe currently serves on the Uniformed Patrol Division for the North end of the county. Lowe has completed several street-level interdictions through Street Cops Training. He is currently an adviser for the Berkeley County Police Explorer program, teaching young high school kids who have an interest in Law Enforcement. The Explorer program also builds great leaders, and that is where he mentors several high school kids within the program. “I got into Law Enforcement to make a difference, help those in need, and do my best to deter any criminal activity,” said Corporal Lowe. When Cpl. Lowe isn’t working he enjoys going to the gym, visiting with family, hanging out with friends, and exploring new things.