On Patrol: Live | 11.11.23


Season 2, Episode 230 – On Patrol: Live 11.11.23

Aired on Saturday, November 11th, 2023 | Duration 3h 0m 00s

Dan Abrams and Curtis Wilson are live in the studio. Sean Larkin is the Guest Host in the studio this weekend.

Programming Notes: This episode is live with nine departments. The Brookford Police Department from North Carolina continues to be featured this weekend. Sean Larkin is back after an extended hiatus from the show, but it is expected to just be for this weekend. The Hazen Police Department will be taking a break during Hunting Season in Arkansas.

Tonight starts in Wilkes-Barre with a domestic incident. In Toledo, officers responded to a domestic disturbance at a gas station. In Daytona, officers are responding to a reported shooting. In Lee County, deputies responded to a man who accidentally shot himself. In Brookford, Chief Will is once again trying to stop a motorcycle. In Berkeley, deputies responded to a car that ran into a house.

Departments & Officers

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