Brookford Police Department

The Brookford Police Department is a law enforcement agency in North Carolina. The Brookford Police Department is dedicated to protecting and serving the citizens of Brookford.

Brookford is a small town in Catawba County, North Carolina. Brookford is located in western central NC, near Interstate 40. The population was reported as 442 in the 2020 census. The Town of Brookford was incorporated March 1, 1907. Brookford began as a mill village, deriving its name from the combination of the two owner’s names Holbrook and Shuford.

The Brookford Police Department is lead by Chief Willie Armstrong, who recently joined the department in February 2023.

The Brookford Police Department joined On Patrol: Live during Season 1, first appearing in the 02.24.23 episode.


Officer Jake Brantley

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Officer Corey Fey

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Chief Will Armstrong

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