On Patrol: Live | 09.10.22


Season 1, Episode 16

Aired on Saturday, September 10th, 2022 | Duration 3h 0m 00s

Dan Abrams, Curtis Wilson, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are live in the studio. It is rumored that this is the last night Paterson Police will be featured with On Patrol: Live. Tonight kicks off in Richland County with Deputy O’Shaughnessy responding to a report of a burglary.

Departments & Officers

  • Marion – Man in Water – Deputy Paddock responds to a report of a shooting at a home. The victim is in the lake and appears to be having a mental breakdown. Later Deputy Mundorff is in a boat going to the scene.
  • Paterson – Possible Carjacking – While officers are talking to someone on the street there’s a carjacking about 20 ft behind them. The car gets away.
  • Berkeley – Gas Station Overdose – Cpl. Lowe is questioning a man at a gas station, moments later he begins overdosing after swallowing heroin.
  • Richland – Parking Lot Fight – Captain Brown and Deputy O’Shaughnessy begin cuffing a suspect when starts fighting, punching Brown. They take him to the ground and restrain him.
  • Volusia – Warrant Stop – Sgt. Mather stops a car, and the driver has an open warrant for stalking.
  • Berkeley – Drunk Stop – Deputy Lee, Lowe, and Fowler stop a car driven by two men that are drunk and actively drinking. They proceed to argue with deputies and go in cuffs.
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