Live PD – 08.19.17

Live PD - 08.19.17

Season 1, Episode 62 aired on August 19th, 2017


  • Arizona Department of Public Safety (Tpr. James Casey, Tpr. Todd Poole, & Tpr. Hugh Grant)
  • Spokane County Sheriff’s Office (Dep. Veronica Van Patten & Dep. Nathan Booth)
  • Richland County Sheriff’s Department (Dep. Kevin Lawrence & S/D Chris Mastrianni)
  • Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office (Dep. Matthew Hedges, Dep. Brandon Sheffield, Sgt. Scott Delbeato, Dep. Kenneth Miller, & Dep. Gibby Gibson)
  • Greenville County Sheriff’s Office (M/D Ivan Rodriguez, Dep. Bre Kowaleski, & Dep. Ryan Gibson)
  • Jeffersonville Police Department (Ofc. Kasey Cunningham & Ofc. Susan Woodard with K9 Blitz)
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Cynthia Elmore
Cynthia Elmore
3 years ago

So happy to find your site! We love Live PD and are so disappointed that ii has been cancelled! We signed the petition and hope that another network may pick up the show but in the meantime can get our fix here!

Roy O'Bannon
Roy O'Bannon
3 years ago

Why can’t I watch an episode?