Live PD Contract Analysis

Tulsa Police Department

The Fourth Season of Live PD premiered on September 20th, 2019. In the Fourth Season of Live PD, there are two new departments featured, Missoula and Tallahassee. The Tulsa Police Department was featured in Season 1 but is back again for the Fourth Season. One interesting aspect of the relationship between Live PD’s production company, Big Fish Entertainment, and the police departments featured on the show is that because these are government entities the contracts have to be made public. So we can look at these Live PD Contracts to understand what happens behind the scenes.

Missoula Live PD Contract

  • The contract with Missoula is for 1 year, 7/25/2019 – 7/25/2020. There are clauses to allow it to extend to 2021 and 2022.
  • Missoula can not enter into another filming contract until 1 year has passed.
  • Big Fish Entertainment retains ownership of all film material. This is the subject that caused Williamson County to discontinue their contract.
  • The show concept is described as “Almost Live” with a 10-25 minute time delay. The delay is described as being necessary to blur sensitive information. Missoula has the ability to prevent certain broadcasts from going out.

Tulsa Live PD Contract

Most of the terms of the Tulsa Contract is the same as Missoula.

Live PD Contract

Pinal County Live PD Contract

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in 2018 has very similar language as the Missoula and Tulsa contracts. The Series Concept is a little more detailed in Pinal County.

Series Concept 
Big Fish Entertainment LLC (“BFE”) proposes an “Almost Live” multi-part series that embeds in several cities across the country following several officers in each location for the duration of the series. It’s an unprecedented “Almost Live” look at law enforcement in America as never before seen on television. “The appearance of” no editing, and the feeling as if content is coming straight from the street to living rooms across America. We’ll embed in several cities across the country following several officers in each city across the 8-12 week run. 
In Florence, Arizona, we propose embedding with Pinal County Sheriff’s Office (“PCSO”) on "Ride Alongs" to capture the "real-time" perspective and diversity within the department and the city. The story will be told through the “Almost Live” experiences on patrol. In Addition to the “Almost Live” content, episodes will feature pre-taped packages that will further showcase the officers, the work, the locations and the departments. 
Almost Live 
The cell phone has turned every bystander into a citizen journalist. The Internet is littered with hundreds of thousands of dashboard cams. Many Police Departments across the country in an effort to encourage transparency and communication have instituted “live tweeting” from patrol units to the community. “Live PD” will be an extension of this close to real-time communications and outreach effort. Each week we will broadcast “almost live” from patrol. 
While the concept as a television series is new, several members of the Big Fish production team have worked on various law enforcement, emergency services and military focused programs and we are intimately familiar with the legal and ethical concerns and will work closely to ensure all guidelines are met. 

Contract Copies

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J Green
J Green
3 years ago

As to MCSO I personally do not care if they EVER return. The terrible way the K-9 was treated by his handler was so offense we never watched another episode of them again, we changed the channel!
Your parent company needs to keep the politicians OUT of your show PERIOD!. That goes for BLM also!.