Live PD – 04.03.20 – Special Edition


This is a special 1 hour edition of Live PD caused by the Corona Virus. Dan, Tom, and Sticks are live from their homes.

Live Rescue’s Dan Flynn shared a video diary from this week.

Jerry Speziale, the Director of Public Safety in Paterson, NJ describes the current events in his region.

Deputy Robert Furgal with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department, responds to a Corona Virus themed party in a clip from 03.12.20.

Lt. Danny Brown checks in from Richland County, SC.

Detective Chuck Haw from the New Orleans Police Department provides an update on his condition and recovery.

Sheriff Lott with the Richland County Sheriff’s Department provides an update on the situation in his county. He said the number of domestic disturbances has increased.

The chief of police for East Providence Police Department checked in.

Tom provided a number of videos for the Crime of the Week including shoppers fighting over supplies in stores and Corona Virus scams.

Dan loses connectivity due to connectivity issues. Grayson Kennedy provides an update from Williamson County in Texas.

The show checks in with what Dan, Tom, and Sticks have been doing. Tom is splitting firewood, Sticks is working out in his garage, and Dan is playing soccer with his son.

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Malcom Harrell
Malcom Harrell
4 years ago

Hey i have a question on the subject of law enforcement being called due to a man assaulting my wife while she was holding my 3 year old son an once the deputies arrived on scene my wife was instead of treated as the victim got treated as the assailant an the did nothing to the man whome assaulted my wife an the officer told my wife she couldn’t press charges

4 years ago

Arrggghhh!!! I went to watch tonight’s episode and found that my DirecTV didn’t record it. The. I realized that adding ‘Special Edition’ makes it a different show from plain Live PD. When will it be broadcast again so I can catch up?

Deborah k Dunckley
Deborah k Dunckley
4 years ago

does anyone know what kind of car is behind Sticks?