Live PD Briefing – Week 12


Live PD is currently on its normal 3-week spring break. The show is planned to be back live Friday, April 3rd. However, with the current state of events surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to know for certain if Live PD will be off the air longer. In the meantime, we have some show news to catch up on.

Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Deputy Royce James

Earlier in March, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office joined Live PD. Starting with Live PD – 03.06.20, Volusia debuted on the show. Volusia County is part of the Orlando, Florida metro area, and already we’ve seen some car chases and warrant captures. Deputy Corey Charles and Deputy Royce James are the two officers that we’ve seen the most.

Departments Leaving & Joining

As usually happens during Live PD breaks we are expecting to see some changes in the departments when Live PD resumes in April. Dan mentioned at the end of Live PD – 03.14.20 that we would see two new departments. That also means two current departments will be leaving. As we already discussed, the Bradford County Sheriff’s Department departed in March and was replaced with Volusia.

Who Else is Leaving?

The Tallahassee Police Department has already stated on Twitter that they will not be returning after the break. I’m also suspecting that Nye County will be taking a break from the show. Nye has come and gone before, and they’ve been on the show for quite a few months recently.

Who is Joining?

There’s been a lot of discussions online about the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan joining the show. They’ve had discussions with Big Fish Entertainment for many months. The other department is a bit unknown at this point. But I predict it will be a new department from the northeast, the show has been heavy on the southeast and midwest for the past few months.

Predicted Line-Up

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