On Patrol: Live Scores Big Renewal, Reelz in Viewers


Riding high on a ratings surge, Reelz has secured another 90 episodes of On Patrol: Live. The show will continue anchoring its primetime schedule through January 2025. The series has become a cornerstone for the small network, boosting their viewership by a whopping 34% in 2023 – the most among the top 50 cable channels.

However, legal clouds linger. A&E, claiming copyright infringement, continues its lawsuit against Reelz and producer Big Fish. This stems from On Patrol: Live being effectively a revival of A&E’s canceled “Live PD,” albeit with tweaks to format and focus. In the summer of 2023, On Patrol: Live made some branding changes. The Crime of the Night segment was changed to the Triple Play.

Despite the legal friction, On Patrol: Live remains a ratings smash. Airing Friday and Saturday nights, it features live-action footage of police officers on patrol nationwide, captivating viewers in the key 25-54 demographic. Its companion show, “On Patrol: First Shift,” dives deeper into past cases.

Abrams attributes the show’s success to its dedicated viewer base, “OPNation,” who actively engage by providing tips for the show’s “Missing” and “BOLO” segments, directly contributing to community well-being. He says this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the show.

During 2023, On Patrol: Live saw several new departments join the show. Some, like Weld County and the Patterson Police Department, were featured for only a few weeks. But other departments, like the Hazen Police Department, quickly became fan favorites.

With its impressive ratings and dedicated fanbase, “On Patrol: Live” looks set to be a fixture on Reelz for years to come, even as the legal battle with A&E unfolds.

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