Live PD – 02.14.20


Live PD – 02.14.20

Season 4, Episode 40
Aired on: Friday, February 14th, 2020 | Duration: 2h 0m 38s
Dan Abrams, Tom Morris Jr, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are in the studio. This is the Valentines 2020 edition of Live PD

Live PD – 02.14.20 Departments & Officers


  • Pomona Officer Nguyen and Wilson respond to a serious car accident. One of the parties in the accident punches the other and a fight ensues.
  • Tulsa Officer Ross is the scene of a car that is crashed into a ditch.
  • Tallahassee – Officer Amos helps someone that locked their keys in the car.
  • Tulsa – Officer Townsend responds to calls about a young man about to go on a date.
  • Nye – Lt. Murphy executes a search warrant relating to child endangerment. The baby is taken to the hospital for evaluation of drugs.
  • Berkeley Corporal Whetstone performs a traffic stop. She finds a lucky rock.
  • Tulsa – Officer Ross responds to a disturbance/assualt at a car audio store.
  • Tallahassee – Officer Hill is on the scene at the Popeyes where there was a report of a man with a gun.
  • Nye – Deputy Gentry responds to a report of a robbery. The caller taught Lt. Murphy’s kids (Cody?)
  • Pomona – Officers are on the scene of a domestic dispute from a bad breakup.
  • Lawrence – Captain Cantrell backs up Officer Kingery on a traffic stop.
  • Pomona – Officer Gonzalez responds to a report of indecent exposure and finds a man with no pants on.
  • Richland – Lt. Danny Brown pulls over a car and the driver pulls a gun.

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John Clouse
John Clouse

when will live pd be here in van buren county MI they told us you have a 1 year contract whwn will they film

Brandy Caudle
Brandy Caudle

What happened to the baby endangerment with officer Nye last night?