Live PD – 06.07.19

Live PD - 06.07.19

Season 3, Episode 73

Departments Featured


  • Williamson — Officers initiated a traffic stop for expired tags. The suspect is slow rolling to stop and does not consent to search. Lt. Kennedy finds scales, baggies, and narcotics in the car. Bottle of fetish urine found. Tom Morris Jr.: “There was a time n America when gas stations only sold gas and oil, chips and soda. Apparently those days are long gone.” Deputies impound the care and make two felony arrests.
  • Lawrence: Officers attempted a traffic stop due to failure to use a turn signal. The driver fled from police. The driver was detained after a PIT maneuver was performed, and eventually arrested for felony evading. The driver claimed that the female passenger put a gun to his head. The female passenger alleges that the driver may have drugs hidden in his fat rolls, but no drugs found on his person in the hospital. No gun was found and the female passenger was released, car impounded.
  • Williamson — Abrams: “This is literally a ‘holy cow’ situation.” Deputies respond to calf on the loose next to the road outside ranch fencing. Calf finally goes back through fencing.
  • Salinas — Officer initiated a traffic stop due to tinted windows. The officer spotted an open container of alcohol apparently belonging to one or more passengers. The driver had an ignition interlock as part of his DUI probation. The vehicle was searched, but officers gave them a break; warning for open beer only. Abrams: “Are we not going to talk about the fact that the person has a beer tap as a gear shift as well?”

Officers Featured

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