Top Live PD Departments of 2019


The 12.14.19 episode was the last Live PD episode of 2019. Its been a wild and crazy year experiencing ride alongs with some of the best law enforcement agencies across America. During 2019 a total of 24 law enforcement agencies were featured on Live PD, spanning Season 3 and Season 4.

Departments featured in 2019

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department
Bradford County Sheriff’s Office
El Paso Police Department
East Providence Police Department
Franklin County Sheriff’s Office
Greene County Sheriff’s Office
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
Lafayette Police Department
Lawrence Police Department
Mission Police Department
Missoula County Sheriff’s Office
Nye County Sheriff’s Office
Oklahoma Highway Patrol
Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
Richland County Sheriff’s Department
Santa Fe Police Department
Slidell Police Department
Salinas Police Department
Terre Haute Police Department
Tulsa Police Department
Tallahassee Police Department
U.S. Marshal Service
Warwick Police Department
Williamson County Sheriff’s Office

We want to find out what the fan-favorite departments are of 2019. We narrowed down the poll to 6 different departments for the fans to vote on.

Top Live PD Department of 2019
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4 years ago

The episode 322 season 1 in Pomona, I have to say the police were bullies, in my opinion (I’m sure I’m not alone to think) taking abuse of there power they been blessed with. The county should be thinking of re-training them on their demeanor. and how they are representing Police officers everywhere…I was in shock those 3 police officers were so out of control. The one officer that had his hand on the the mans neck gripping it with force, that was so unnecessary.