Live PD Season 4 Predictions


Live PD Season 4 will premiere in less than 2 weeks on Friday, September 20th. This is a highly anticipated season and here are some of the predictions we have for the upcoming season.

In-studio, Sean Larkins is expected to still be an analyst, but there will be more episodes that he’s not on and other officers sit in. Larkins is reportedly burned out on the number of episodes.

Departments Joining

  • Missoula County (Montana) Sheriff’s Office has been reported to be joining the show.
  • Tallahassee Police Department (Florida) will be joining the show, as reported on A&E’s website.
  • Beaumont Texas is reportedly in contract negotiations to join Live PD season 4.
  • The Tulsa Police Department is reported to be returning to Live PD. Tulsa was one of the original departments featured in Season 1 but did not return for Season 2.

Departments Returning

Departments Leaving

According to the Associated Press, many of the departments leaving are due to government leaders complained that the crime-focused series depicted their cities in a negative light.

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Brandi Nunn
Brandi Nunn
4 years ago

I think or hope Williamson County should renew their contract with this show! I never had or thought there was anything wrong with it, it might be because I live in Georgetown & want to see what is going on around here!

4 years ago

I don’t think Williamson will be coming back, but I bet there will be another Texas department in Season 4.