Hazen Police Department Joins On Patrol Live


The Hazen Police Department in Arkansas is debuting with camera crews from On Patrol: Live this weekend for the show’s 100th broadcast. A few months ago, On Patrol: Live producers visited Hazen for the first time after seeing what they do week after week in their many high-speed chases.

According to Hazen Police Chief Brad Taylor, the producer loved the town so much, that now Hazen will be a spot they are filming Wednesday and Thursday concluding with two live nights Friday and Saturday. Arkansas is already quite infamous with the show’s fans for its high-speed chases. “The Crime of the Night” segment features Arkansas so regularly that when hosts announce where the crime came from the words “You’ve guessed it. Arkansas” have become a slogan. But during the last weekend of July, instead of video submissions, Chief Taylor said live camera crews will be showing things from a new perspective.

“Normally we’re by ourselves. We’re rural Arkansas, and putting two or three people in the car will be different. The cameras won’t be any different,” Taylor said. “That’s the nervous part about it. What are people going to think about you? What will people say about your southern accent?”, Taylor said. “A lot of people think Arkansas is about those high-speed chases, and hopefully, we get to show them some good community policing and the way we treat people in Arkansas,” Taylor said.

During the show’s 99th and 100th episodes, the Hazen Police Department and the Brookford Police Department will join the show, bringing the total number of departments to 10. It is unclear if the show will continue with ten departments or drop back to 8 departments.

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1 month ago

I ❤️ Chief Taylor!!!! Keep up the good work sir!!!

1 month ago

Chief Taylor is great. He is aggressive in pursuits, and treats suspects and detainees with such positive regard. I would hope if I or any of my loved ones were ever pulled over by law enforcement, that we would be treated the way Chief Taylor treats people.

1 month ago

Dylan Lee might be the biggest pussy ever. Dumb!! Would hope he pulled me over. Only because hes such a pussy AND ignorant AF!! WOW!! Only to be sooo dumb and have a job! Let alone a Trooper. LOL!