Nye County Sheriff’s Deputies Charged

Update - 10/06/22- Deputies Cleared of any Crime by DA On October 3rd the Nye County Sheriff's Office released a press release detailing a criminal complaint against two deputies. The...

New Department – Daytona Beach Police

In a recent article, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young shared that his department will be joining On Patrol: Live. A contract with Daytona Beach was signed in late...

Citizen Ride Along – Capt. Danny Brown

Do you live in the Columbia, SC area and want to jump into a squad car with Captain Danny Brown? As promised by Dan Abrams, On Patrol: Live will...

A&E Sues REELZ over On Patrol: Live

On Patrol: Live has been on the air for slightly over a month, and it's clearly a smash hit. Some fans are saying it's better than Live PD. But...
Garo Brown and Danny Brown

On Patrol: Live – Returning Officers

Live PD has been relaunched as On Patrol: Live, debuting on REELZ at 9 PM EST on July 22nd. As exciting as that news is for Live PD Nation,...

On Patrol: Live – New Departments

Update 7/20 REELZ tweeted out today an expanded list of departments that will be featured with On Patrol: Live this weekend. In addition to the already listed departments, four more...

On Patrol: Live – Trailer

Watch On Patrol: Live when it premieres Friday, July 22 on REELZ. Dan and Sticks are back. Richland County Sheriff's Department and Berkely County Sheriff's Office are already confirmed...

On Patrol: Live – Hosts

Live PD is finally returning to the airwaves as On Patrol: Live in the summer of 2022. At this time, we know that much of the show's format will...

On Patrol: Live – Radio Codes

Any fan of On Patrol: Live or Live PD will have heard the officers using radio codes when communicating with dispatchers or other officers. If you've ever wanted to...

On Patrol: Live – Premieres July 22nd

Reelz has announced that On Patrol: Live will premiere on Friday, July 22nd at 9 PM EST. On Patrol: Live will use the same schedule as Live PD. The...

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Crime of the Night | 03.25.23

The Crime of the Night for 03.25.23 is an intense pursuit of a Miami murder suspect in Cobb County, GA.

On Patrol: Live | 03.25.23

Season 1, Episode 168 Aired on Saturday, March 25th, 2023 | Duration 3h 0m 00s Dan Abrams, Curtis Wilson, and Sean “Sticks” Larkin are live in...

Crime of the Night | 03.24.23

The Crime of the Night for 03.24.23 features the wild pursuit of a skateboarder in Los Angeles, CA.
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