Live PD January 2020 Updates


Live PD is back live in 2020 starting with the Live PD – 01.03.20 episode. As expected there have been a few changes to the departmental lineup. Most noticeable the show is decreasing the number of departments from 12 to 9 departments. The 12 department lineup was considered a test, and it seems like 9 departments may be the number for now. This seems like a good compromise, 12 departments felt overstuffed, some departments were not even seen.

Departments Leaving

A few departments announced in December that they would not return from the break, others were more of a surprise.

Departments Joining

The Pomona Police Department is joining Live PD from southern California in 2020.

Other News

In other news, as reported by, Live PD was the #1 show watched on DVR or on-demand in 2019.

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4 years ago

Bring back elpaso texas! :’(