Petition to Bring Back Live PD





Dear A&E Networks,

Live PD provides an unfiltered view of law enforcement within America. Today, it is more important than ever to have visibility into what is happening with policing.

No other news source brings this level of transparency into law enforcement across every part of this country. Removing Live PD from television would remove an important window into our society.
Live PD journalists exist as a watchdog over both public and private action, providing needed documentation on the state of America.

While other news programs provide a short 30 second clip of what happened, or the opinions of others. Live PD is the only new outlet we can trust to show us in real time what is happening in America. Live PD provides the honest truth of crime, policing, and the justice system.

We, the fans of Live PD urge you, now more than ever, bring back Live PD to your network.


The Live PD Nation