Crime of the Night | 06.24.23


The Crime of the Night for 06.24.23 is a wild chase that takes place along the Florida Panhandle interstate. This chase features crashes, K9s, and a near-miss with a semi.

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Sam Vannell
Sam Vannell
1 year ago

Dan I have watched this show since the beginning. Was very upset and angered by deputy Royce James telling someone he is a little slow. Every single week you air him he talks. Talks down to people talks around people. He is the epitome of what no one wants in there county. I am from New Jersey. How about airing some more of the well respected counties like Richland like Berkeley . Not some big mouth egotistic loser. This is what got the police in so much mess in this day and age. This should be fixed !!!!! To call… Read more »