Live PD – Pick on Someone Your Own Size

In this video from Live PD - 01.18.20, Deputy Garrett Koppes in Missoula County responds to a report of an intoxicated man who scared a 12-year-old kid in the...

Live PD – Smoking an Airpod

In this video from Live PD - 02.29.20, officers with the Pomona Police Department stop a man on the street who appears to be intoxicated.

Live PD – Officer Ross in a Diner

In this video from Live PD - 01.10.20, Officer Darrell Ross confronts a robbery suspect in a diner. The man tries to get Officer Ross to shoot him, but...

Live PD – Missoula Bear Problem

In this Season 4 video from Live PD - 10.19.19, a deputy from the Missoula Country Sheriff's Office responds to a report of a bear wandering around a homeowner's...

Live PD – Fleeing in West Baton Rouge

Clip from Live PD - 05.22.20 featuring Lieutenant Brett Cavaliere and Agent Allen Connelly with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department.

Live PD – Tracks Don’t Lie

In this video from Live PD - 01.24.20, Deputy Troy Rexin with the Missoula County Sheriff's Office traces a rollover car accident to a woman who left runaway tracks...

Live PD – This is Why I Stay Single

In this video from Live PD - 04.17.20, Sergeant Furgal with the Richland County Sheriff's Department reports to a domestic dispute where the female half is trying to kick...

Live PD – He’s All Yours Man

In this video from Live PD - 02.07.20, Deputy Austin Longieliere with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office talks to a driver and has him step out to see why...

Live PD – Fresh Millionaire in Pomona

In this video from Live PD - 02.28.20, an officer with the Pomona Police Department pulls over after seeing a male yelling on the sidewalk.

Live PD – Pink Eye Problems in Missoula

In this video from Live PD - 10.17.19, deputies from Missoula County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a woman pulled over at the side of the road....

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Nye County Sheriff’s Deputies Charged

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