Officer Tyler Frankel

Officer Tyler Frankel is a sergeant with the Beech Grove Police Department in Indiana. Frankel has been an officer with Beech Grove since 2015. Before that, he spent about eight years in the international guard coming and went to college for law enforcement. In a recent interview, he shared what he liked about Beech Grove, “I like the smaller town feel and the family aspect of this department. Everyone takes care of each other. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to be part of this department.”

Sergeant Frankel was first featured with On Patrol: Live in Season 1. Frankel had the film crew ride with him during the week when the show was not live. Frankel was featured in the first episode of On Patrol: Live. “It’s kind of fun because the things that we do on a normal basis are things that the film crew doesn’t usually experience. So when we get back to the car, we talk about what happened, and it’s interesting to see what their take on everything is.”