Nye County DA Refuses to Prosecute Deputies


The Nye County District Attorney refused to prosecute Lieutenant Adam Tippetts and Sergeant Cory Fowles on conspiracy and computer crimes. Both deputies have been cleared of any crime and were allowed to return to work as of October 6th.

According to the DA’s office, the Sheriff’s charges alleged that Tippetts and Fowles shut blocked Nye County Captain David Boruchowitz from joining a non-work-related Facebook group the three managed. The allegations that Fowles and Tippetts made about retribution from the Sheriff seem more likely given these details

The District Attorney said they were not consulted about whether criminal charges would be appropriate before receiving the referral. The DA also commented, “I’m also concerned that there were 9 pages of written text summarizing the investigation in the police report referred to us for this matter, but my office has had reports referred to us from NCSO for sexual assault cases that have only 1-2 pages of written text summarizing the investigation.”

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1 year ago

I am truly glad to hear this. I’m fed up with blatant attempts to silence people for speaking the truth or for vocalizing their personal viewpoints. America is based on freedom not forced silence. Kudos!!

Bridget M
Bridget M
1 year ago

This decision is true justice. I prayed the right decision would be made. Welcome back officers!

1 year ago

Happy to hear this. We need to quit making our officers the guilty people. As we have the quotes, we need to back them. The system does not seem to be doing this anymore.