Triple Play II | 05.17.24

In the second part of this weekend's (05.17.24) Triple Play, construction zones, pits, and lost wheels can’t stop these suspects. Part 1 of this video is featured in Triple Play...

Triple Play III | 05.18.24

In this weekend’s (05.18.24) final Triple Play, a domestic call at a Motel 6 turns into a shootout in Washington state.

Triple Play II | 05.10.24

In Pennsylvania, a miraculous gun malfunction changes fate in this weekend's (05.10.24) second Triple Play.

Triple Play I | 05.10.24

In this weekend’s (05.10.24) first Triple Play, a suspect in Arkansas leads officers on a chase through a construction zone, and he’s harder to catch than you might expect.

Triple Play III | 05.11.24

In this weekend’s (05.11.24) final Triple Play, a suspect in Florida takes any route but the legal lane in a high-speed change with a dramatic end.

Triple Play III | 05.04.24

In the weekend's (05.04.24) final Triple Play, a suspect fries authorities' brakes as he leads them around, and around Arkansas.

Triple Play I | 05.03.24

In Washington State, a suspect in a 33-year-old Honda Accord leads authorities on a smoky chase in the first Triple Play of the weekend (05.03.24)

Triple Play II | 05.03.24

In Duluth, GA, a suspect on a four-wheeler tries to out-maneuver authorities in a residential chase in this weekend's (05.03.24) second triple play.

Triple Play III | 04.27.24

A car chase in Goshen, Ohio, goes nowhere in this final, muddy Triple Play of the week (04.27.24).

Triple Play I | 04.26.24

This weekend’s (04.26.24) first Triple Play features a suspect who has a tendency to crash his pickup truck in the buff.

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You’d think colliding with a semi-truck would stop a suspect in a Little Rock, Arkansas, car chase, but it doesn’t in this weekend’s (06.14.24)...

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