Live PD – Let Me Speak to Your Supervisor

Deputies with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office pull over a man who was driving on a suspended license, and are confused as to why he vehemently refuses to let...

Live PD – Gonna Need a Bigger Car

Senior Deputy Daniel Mulcahy with the Richland County Sheriff's Department pulls over a vehicle, locates drugs, and arrests both passengers. While the female gets taken to jail, the male...

Live PD – I Always Forget That’s There

Deputy Ivan Iniguez with the Pinal County Sheriff's Office investigates a stopped vehicle and finds a driver and two passengers with weed, one of them with a gun that...

Live PD – Don’t Forget Your Blinker

When a driver fails to use his turn signal, Officer Clint McCall with the Slidell Police Department begins to make a routine traffic stop until the driver indicates that...

Live PD – Get Off My Wall

Pasco County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a call in which two men looking for their drone were shot at by a nearby, irate homeowner in this video from...

Live PD – Your One Phone Call Comes Later

Deputy Chris Mastrianni and other deputies with the Richland County Sheriffs Department pull over a speeding car leaving a known drug location and forcibly remove the passenger when he...

Live PD – Family Smackdown

Officers with the Salinas Police Department respond to a family fight involving several people that began over a couple's quarrel in this video from Live PD - 11.16.18.

Live PD – Not the Marrying Kind

A man calls the Jeffersonville Police Department for help to make sure his ex-girlfriend leaves his home in this clip from Live PD - 10.07.17.

Live PD – Funniest Live PD Moments

Youtube Streamer, Donut Operator, provides some of the funniest Live PD clips from Richland County, Jeffersonville, Pasco County, Lake County.

Live PD – Tulsa Gang Unit Fights for Their Lives

Youtube Streamer, Donut Operator, provides commentary of this Season 1 episode featuring the Tulsa Gang Unit wrestling a suspect with a gun.

Latest Episodes

Live PD – A for Effort

In this video from Live PD - 03.06.20, Corporal Robert Furgal with the Richland County Sheriff's Department responds to a civil disturbance at a...

Sheriff Leon Lott Says Live PD Coming Back

Richland County Sheriff's Department Leon Lott said Live PD is coming back. Sheriff Lott was speaking at the Greater Cayce - West Columbia Chamber...

Live PD – Mr. Nasty No License

A driver with a suspended license gets mouthy when a Jeffersonville Police Department officer asks him to provide proof that he's able to drive...

Popular Episodes

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