LivePD - 10.26.19

Live PD – 10.26.19

Live PD - 10.26.19 Season 4, Episode 13 Aired on: October 26, 2019 | Duration: 2h 9m 0sDan Abrams, Sean Larkin, and Tom Morris Jr. in the studio. Highlights Nye County -...
Live PD - 08.16.19

Live PD – 08.16.19

S3 E92 Live PD - 08.16.19 A live look at police across the country as they work the night shift in real-time. Aired on: Aug 16, 2019 Duration:2h 9m 54s Highlights While a Trooper...

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Live PD – A for Effort

In this video from Live PD - 03.06.20, Corporal Robert Furgal with the Richland County Sheriff's Department responds to a civil disturbance at a...

Sheriff Leon Lott Says Live PD Coming Back

Richland County Sheriff's Department Leon Lott said Live PD is coming back. Sheriff Lott was speaking at the Greater Cayce - West Columbia Chamber...

Live PD – Mr. Nasty No License

A driver with a suspended license gets mouthy when a Jeffersonville Police Department officer asks him to provide proof that he's able to drive...

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